Meet Mayor Taso A. Christopher

Taso was elected as Mayor of Belleville in October 2014 after serving two terms on Council.

Taso was born and raised in Belleville and has been a resident of River Road in Corbyville for the past 20 years along with his wife, Betty, and three daughters. Taso graduated from Quinte Secondary School and Humber College and has been an owner/partner of the local sporting goods retailer Four Seasons Sports for more than 35 years.

Taso served our community as a Councillor from 2006-2014 and has an in-depth knowledge of how the City of Belleville operates as a municipality. He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges that face our community and the people that live here.

In addition to his role on City Council, Taso has been the chair of the Police Services Board, co-chaired the Belleville Waterfront and Ethnic Festival and been a Member of the City of Belleville Planning Committee, City of Belleville Audit Committee and the Library Board. Taso has also been a Member of the Greek Community Board of Directors, Chairman of the QHC Cancer Gala and President of the Quinte Ethnic Festival Council.

Taso has proven that he is always willing to ask the tough questions and takes a common sense approach to making decisions to improve the quality of life in the City of Belleville.

Taso has been an important part of Belleville’s progress in the past decade including these important projects:

• Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre
• Integrated Court House Building
• Doctor Recruitment Program
• BuildBelleville Infrastructure Deficit Program
• Veteran’s Memorial Bridge

Taso has a proven track record of getting projects done and has a vision to continue to build for our future together in Belleville. Taso encourages all residents to visit the updated City of Belleville website regularly to get the most-up-to-date news from City Hall and information on City Projects.

Contact Mayor Christopher:

Mayor Christopher loves to hear from the residents of Belleville. Feel free to contact the Mayor with suggestions, comments, or concerns and he will be happy to get back to you.

Email: Mayor Taso A. Christopher

Telephone: 613-967-3267

Fax: 613-967-3209

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