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Yardmen Name Not To Be Forgotten

During the negotiation of the Council approved lease and licensing agreement, clause 8.2 and 8.3 regarding the naming rights for the Yardmen Arena, The City and the Belleville Senators agreed the Yardmen’s history and contributions must

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TD Tree Days Hosted At Boyd Park

City of Belleville, TD, and Volunteers Work Together to Plant 750+ Trees Wrapping up its eighth year of planting in Belleville, TD Tree Days has concluded with a bigger local impact than ever before. Saturday, volunteers, TD employees and City

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City in need of large Spruce Trees for Christmas Displays

As part of its annual Christmas lighting program, the City of Belleville will remove select trees from local private properties to place in strategic locations throughout the City during the upcoming holiday season. These trees are lighted and

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Belleville Implements Cigarette Recycling Program

Belleville is keeping cigarette butts off the street and out of landfills. Partnering with TerraCycle Canada’s Cigarette Recycling Program, Belleville will ensure cigarette butts are properly disposed of and are given a second life through

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Status of work done in compliance with the Director’s Order relating to the former Coal Gas Plant

City of Belleville – During a September 12, 2018 conference call with the Environmental Review Tribunal (the “ERT”), the lawyer for the City of Belleville reported on the status of the work done in response to the Director’s

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9/11 Memorial to be held at Fire Station #1

9/11 Memorial to be held at Fire Station #1 60 Bettes Street Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 8:30 AM BELLEVILLE – The City of Belleville will be hosting a Bay of Quinte 9/11 Memorial at Fire Station #1, 60 Bettes Street (corner of Bettes

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