Belleville Fire Department Seeks Community Input Regarding Outdoor/Open Air Burning

The Belleville Fire Department is reviewing the current policy regarding outdoor/open air burning. As part of the review process, the Fire Department is seeking community input, asking residents to complete a short, on-line survey. The survey will provide public feedback to be taken in to consideration during the policy update process.

Participation in the short survey (link below) between January 22 and February 28, 2018 is requested to ensure potential changes to the process used in Belleville will represent all residents.  One of the reasons the outdoor burning policy is currently under review in our community is due to the excessive and destructive wildland fires that have occurred in other communities.

We appreciate your time and value your input in helping us develop policies that reflect the needs of our residents while making every effort to ensure our community is a safe one.


For further information:
Paul Patry
Deputy Fire Chief
City of Belleville

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